Whether it’s a new vehicle or second hand vehicle, one of the best feelings ever is taking ownership of that vehicle that you had always dreamt of owning. Unfortunately this sense of jubilation can very quickly fade as

the car of your dreams becomes the nightmare that you had never anticipated!

As a prospective buyer it is vitally important to be 100% sure that you have considered all the financial factors associated with owning a vehicle before going ahead and signing your new vehicle contract. Things to consider include:

  1. What are the terms and conditions of the finance agreement, and can you afford the finance repayments?
  2. What will the cost of insurance be for the vehicle?
  3. Is the car economical enough for the kind of mileage that you do?

So as exciting as it is, you need to be realistic about making a good purchasing decision. You need to ensure that you get a good deal at a competitive instalment amount, an affordable interest rate and favourable terms that you are able to adhere to.
So if you are looking for expertise advice, a simple and easy application process and an honest and professional approach to owning your next vehicle? Contact ReFinance Financial Services on 012 111 0033 or complete our contact form below and we will call you back.


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