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ReFin Financial Services not only provides its clients the benefit of either a shorter or longer financing period but also a lower interest rate. As value added products go, ReFin Financial Services also offers an extensive range of well priced warranties, shortfall covers and life cover through our well recognized partners in the industry.

When buying a new motor vehicle from a dealership, one generally looses up to 25% of the vehicle’s value in the first year. After 2 or 3 years of annual depreciations a person can hardly justify the instalment amount that they have to pay for their vehicle, and this is where the services of ReFin Financial Services come into play.

When buying a used or pre owned vehicle from a dealership one generally tends to not extend the vehicle’s warranty as most pre owned vehicles still carry the remaining manufacturing warranty. A couple of years down the line when the vehicle has run out of its warranty, the vehicle owner is then solely responsible for all mechanical failure repairs. This can leave the owner out of pocket or even worse, without a motor vehicle. So ReFin Financial Services highly recommends the purchasing an extended warranty as this will provide piece of mind ownership and motoring.

Let’s face it, the benefits of an extended warranty far outweighs the cost of major repairs

The advantage of seeking ReFin Financial Services’ help and advice is that we are able to assist in rehabilitating a client’s motor vehicle financial situation before they fall victim to bad debt and become part of the “blacklisted / ITC listed” statistics that plague many South Africans today

Change your interest rate – Change your finance term – Change the amount financed – Add warranties – Add shortfall covers – Add life cover and Change your life with ReFin Financial Services


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